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EXECUTIVE Supply Chain Master Classes

AISCR Executive Supply Chain Master Class Series

The African Institute for Supply Chain Research (AISCR) Executive Master Class Series tackles the challenges and opportunities of the increasingly complex supply chain ecosystem in Africa. AISCR brings you the best practices and innovative thinking from academics, industry insiders and technology experts. The Supply Chain Master Class is an exclusive series of extremely focused classes on present challenges/opportunities facing businesses, industries, and supply chain professionals across the continent. You will hear from leading academics, industry experts, and technology specialists about where the continent is in terms of supply chain optimization, where it needs to go, and how to get there.

Why you should choose AISCR Series

Each Master Class is unique in its kind, and you will learn from top experts from leading academic institutions and practicing professionals in the business world. Also, each class combines academic knowledge with strong real-life business cases.

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Course CodeList of CoursesDatesLocationCostRegister
001Procurement and Supply Chain Management in the digital age27-29 March 2023Online$349Click Here
002Supply Chain Management for Improved Public Service06-08 March 2023Online$349Click Here
003Municipal Supply Chain Transformation for Improved Audit Outcome22-24 February 2023Online$349Click Here
004Committees & Governance Systems in Public Procurement10-11 April 2023Online$249Click Here
005Supplier Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals17-18 April 2023Online$249Click Here
006Contract Management & Service Level Agreements24-25 April 2023Online$249Click Here
007Quantitative data analysis using SPSS for beginners15-16 May 2023Online$249Click Here
008Strategic Sourcing & Commodity Management03-05 April 2023Online$349Click Here
009Writing specifications for Goods & Services 17-18 April 2023Online$249Click Here
010Building Efficient Supplier Relationship Management02-03 May 2023Online$249Click Here
011Ethics for Public Procurement Professionals18-19 May 2023Online$249Click Here
012Curbing Corruption in Public Procurement08-09 June 2023Online$249Click Here
013Foundations of Warehousing and Inventory Management14-15 June 2023Online$249Click Here
014Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk Management13-14 July 2023Online$249Click Here
015Supply Chain Management and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) 07-08 September 2023Online$249Click Here
016Supply Chain Analytics using Microsoft Excel01-02 March 2023Online$249Click Here
017Essentials of Healthcare Supply Chain Management10-12 May 2023Online$349Click Here
018Sustainable Agri-food Supply Chain Management05-07 April 2023Online$349Click Here
019Supply Chain Management, Trade, and Investment between US and Africa13-14 June 2023Online$249Click Here
020Supply Chain Quality Management Techniques and Applications22-23 May 2023Online$249Click Here





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