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AISCR offers support and research workshops to postgraduate students. The workshops are focused on research qualities that are intended to improve and fast-track their career development. We aim to promote the student’s ability to work well with others and instil a sense of ethical integrity and leadership in research. We provide the following workshops for researchers:


Developing a sound research topic, problem formulation and contextualisation 2 days
Writing a research proposal 3 days
Constructing an argument 1 day
Mixed methods research 1 day
Case study research 1 day
Writing for publication 3 days
Qualitative data analysis, presentation and writing 2 days
Quantitative data analysis, presentation and writing 2 days
Academic writing skills 2 days
Conceptualizing, researching, structuring and writing a good thesis 2 days
Writing articles from dissertations or thesis 2 days
Postgraduate supervision for emerging supervisors 2 Days
Development of outstanding masters and PhD dissertations 2 Days
Qualitative data analysis using Nvivo and other data analysis software 2 Days
Quantitative data analysis using SPSS, STATA 2 Days
Developing grant proposals 2 Days


If you are a postgraduate student and require support in your study, kindly contact us!

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