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AISCR provides research support workshops to Masters and Doctoral students twice a month under the programme “Research Support Webinar Series (RSWS)”.

The workshops are focused on developing leadership qualities that are intended for use within the corporate field. The scope of the postgraduate research support include: formulating and clarifying a feasible research topic, writing research proposals, identifying and formulating research problems, understanding research philosophies and approaches, critically reviewing the literature, formulating the research design, selecting samples, collecting data, analysing qualitative data, analysing quantitative data and Writing and presenting research project. The target audience are Masters and Doctoral students in SCM across the continent. The workshops are conducted by means of Webinar series, Zoom and MS Teams. Speakers are sought across the continent and each session shall last for a maximum of 1 hour. The following are topic covered for the RSWS:

Topics covered include:

  • AISCR supporting in advancing your supply chain career
  • Formulating and clarifying the research topic
  • Generating research ideas
  • Critically reviewing the literature
  • Understanding research philosophies and approaches
  • Formulating the research design
  • Negotiating access and research ethics
  • Understanding research sampling selecting samples
  • Using secondary data
  • Research methods and data collection
  • Collecting primary data through observation
  • Collecting primary data, using semi-structured, in-depth
  • And group interviews.
  • Analyzing quantitative data
  • Collecting primary data using questionnaires

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