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Enhance your supply chain insights today with AISCR.

Becoming a member of AISCR provides students, practitioners and organisations access to a range of supply chain research solutions designed to promote sustainable economic development, professional development and maintain high standards within the industry.

Join the leading supply chain research network!

Why Join AISCR!

6 Reasons why you need to join AISCR!

  1. Professional Resources: AISCR offers leading research, reports and surveys to help you stay informed on the changing supply chain landscape in Africa. Access a wealth of expertise, knowledge, news, analysis, and resources, including guidelines, white papers, tools and templates.
  2. Research Support: We offer members quality support across the spectrum of supply chain researchers, from conceptualization of the research idea, secondary data, data collection process, to data analysis. Our expert statisticians are there to guide and help you.
  3. Networking & Access to Subject Experts:We represents the diverse, credible, and educated supply chain research community in Africa. As a member, you gain access to, and visibility in front of, this powerful community. At AISCR, we engage and expands the network of your supply chain community by hosting educational events and supporting virtual connections between researchers and stakeholders in various fields of supply chain.
  4. Opportunity for Publications: We publish and advocate the academic work of our members. We demonstrate the value of their research and knowledge to support supply chain best practice. We help our members broadcast their research findings to the public or to specific stakeholder groups. Members benefits from publishing their research findings in our books, book chapters, magazines, conference proceedings etc.

5. Return on investment: Join AISCR to get rebates on our educational events that are organised throughout the year with cutting edge content across the African continent. Discounted rates apply throughout the year for a variety of AISCR activities:
Reduced rates for professional development programs and research events.

    • Association partner events where applicable
    • Rebates on the cost of AISCR educational events.
    • Access to benchmarking reports, publications and educational events of AISCR.
    • Automatic subscription to the AISCR newsletters and magazines.

6. Mentorship and Coaching: AISCR supports developing researchers and link them with mentors and coaches of their areas of research interest. Members gain access to strategic resources, guides and tools to support them at every stage of their research career.

Membership Options

AISCR offers the following membership categories:

  • Student membership
  • Individual membership
  • Corporate membership

Student Membership

Start building your professional network now!

AISCR offers membership to full time students pursuing careers in the area of supply chain management. Qualifying students in the areas of procurement, logistics, transport, operations and production management are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Membership certificate
  • Rebate on AISCR educational events and conferences
  • Offers students opportunities to connect with mentors to expand their network
  • Opportunity for research career development through internships and postgraduate fellowships
  • Opportunity to be nominated for AISCR awards
  • Electronic emails of AISCR newsletters and magazines

Individual Membership

Now is the time to make a difference – deepen your research expertise and collaborate across borders

AISCR offer membership to individuals who are self-funded and are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Membership certificate
  • Rebate on AISCR educational events and conferences
  • Access to the AISCR Members local network
  • First look at AISCR yearly magazine;
  • Regular updates, newsletters and bulletins via email
  • Global networking opportunities
  • Access to our full library of resources, magazines, conference proceedings and journals
  • Interact, connect and share expertise with key decision makers on our active forums
  • Be considered for AISCR research awards by submitting outstanding achievements and success stories.

Corporate Membership

As business, it is crucial to have access to the latest research trends and practical tools to drive business intelligence and the triple bottom line. Invest in your company and your future!

AISCR offers the following categories of corporate membership:

Members also have an option to pay a once off fee in advance for a 3-year membership, which means you will pay the same membership fee rate as the first year for a three-year period. This applies to all membership types. Should you wish to take up this offer please email:

Membership fees

  • Student membership: R500
  • Individual membership: R1000
Benefits Corporate membership Package
Platinum R50 000 Gold R35 000 Silver R25 000 Bronze R15 000
Certificate of corporate membership
No of individuals members covered within an organisation 10 5 2 1
Company logo on AISCR website
Rebate on AISCR educational programmes
Rebate on AISCR public events and conferences
Exhibition space at AISCR events
Invitation to all AISCR public events
Opportunity to host AISCR conferences & events
Opportunity to sponsor an AISCR events of interest
Unlimited free electronic access to AISCR newsletters, magazines, conference proceedings and journals
Complimentary copy of AISCR books and research reports 10 5 3 1
Invitations to AISCR VIP receptions
Advertisement as part of AISCR brochure on events.
Listing on AISCR promotional materials

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