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AISCR provides opportunities for supply chain leaders, researchers, students, corporate partners and the general public to expand their knowledge and help improve overall supply chain operations. AISCR educational programmes (including end-to-end supply chain, procurement, logistics, transport, operations and production management) include postgraduate research support, workshops, research boot camps as well as community of practices.


Postgraduate research support

AISCR offers support and research workshops to postgraduate students the opportunity to complete a Masters and Doctoral studies. The workshops are focused on developing leadership qualities that are intended for use within the corporate field. We aim to promote the student’s ability to work well with others and instil a sense of ethical integrity and leadership. Supply chain management postgraduate research support include:

  • formulating and clarifying a feasible research topic;
  • writing research proposals;
  • identifying and formulating research problems;
  • understanding research philosophies and approaches;
  • critically reviewing the literature;
  • formulating the research design;
  • selecting samples;
  • collecting data;
  • analysing qualitative data;
  • analysing quantitative data; and
  • writing and presenting research project?

AISCR is there to solve all your research worries!

Research Training Workshops


Research into supply chain has received great interest across industry, government and the research community. However, it remains under-researched and non-existent within African universities. At the moment, only few universities in continent have supply chain degrees and departments with very few research interest notwithstanding the potential of supply chain to socio-economic development and business growth.

AISCR by its vision, is mandated to advance supply chain management capacity development in the continent. At the moment, there are few researchers with Masters and Doctoral degrees in supply chain management. AISCR therefore, support and promote research through funding, human capacity development and the provision of the necessary research facilities, in order to facilitate the creation of knowledge, innovation and development in supply chain management.

We offer capacity building programmes for Masters and Doctoral student in collaboration with academic institutions to build capacity, professional, authorities and individuals.

  • Master of Commerce in Business Management (Full Dissertation)


A research proposal module and a dissertation. Students are required to first register and comply with the requirements for the research proposal module before registration for the dissertation will be allowed.

Visit the site for more information:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Management Studies


A research proposal module and a thesis. Students are required to first register and comply with the requirements for the research proposal module before registration for the thesis will be allowed.

Visit the site for more information:’s-&-doctoral-degrees/Qualifications/All-qualifications/Doctor-of-Philosophy-in-Management-Studies-Logistics,-Transport-Economics,-Purchasing-and-Supply-Chain-(90021-%E2%80%93-SUP)


The following certificate programmes are offered through the Unisa Centre for Long Life Learning:

Programme in Purchasing and Supply Management

Programme in Public Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Advanced Programme in Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an essential part of personal and career development and we have developed programmes that will boost your career. AISCR, through its strategic partners offers the following CPD programmes to enhance supply chain capacity:

Through partnership with the Pan African Supply Chain Academy (PASCA), AISCR offers series of procurement and supply chain management capacity development interventions such as:

  • Fundamentals of Supply Chain Managemente
  • Writing Effective Bid Specifications for Goods & Services
  • Contract Management and Service Level Agreements
  • Establishing an Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme
  • Strategic Procurement and Spend Analytics
  • Strategic Sourcing and Category Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Negotiation Skills for Procurement Professionals
  • Ethics & Accountability for Procurement Professionals
  • Detecting & Mitigating Rigging in Procurement
  • Public Sector Supply Chain Management
  • Municipal Supply Chain Management
  • Bid Committee Systems

Visit for more information


AISCR embraces a humanistic and social learning perspective known as “Community of Practice”. AISCR provide practitioners opportunities to initiate a “community of practice” condition in which they systematically focus on and collaboratively develop their learning skills and their supply chain interactions and integration.

AISCR organises monthly events for members seeking information on new trends, issues or concerns affecting your profession and your day-to-day work life? Connect with your colleagues from around the continent through the AISCR community of practice programme.

Join your community of SC Practice.

AISCR CoPs are a free benefit of AISCR membership


AISCR is proud to present a supply chain student case competition. The case competition is organised in collaboration with the industry is an open challenge to all supply chain graduates to compile a case study and secure a fully paid trip at the Annual SCM Pan African Conference.

Participating teams will present solutions to exciting African supply chain management problem (with a focus on one of the following areas: Procurement, logistics, transport, operations and production. AISCR Case Competition evolve into a flagship event touching students at universities.

Support the Case Competition!


The young SCM research and innovation club aims to promote interest in supply chain among the high school students and university community. With the objective to promote better understanding of, and gaining insight into, the world of supply chain via a wide range of activities in collaboration with academic colleagues and industry partners.

The club is hosted in collaboration with academic institutions to organise a wide range of activities to connect students and the research areas.


AISCR offers postgraduate supply chain students’ opportunity for writing retreats. Students spend a week at a writing retreat hosted at a quiet, picturesque locations in the continent. Experts from Universities, and experienced writing coaches assist students during this week. Supervisors who are available may be invited to join the student group again during this period to provide discipline specific and technical inputs into the students’ proposals. The retreat will culminate with students doing speed presentations of their proposed research for input and discussion.


AISCR will be hosting the first Pan African supply chain management summer school on the (Two weeks), beginning May 2020 or 2021. We offer students across Africa the opportunity to participate in an exceptional and innovative supply chain management programme. The Summer School is aimed at post-graduate candidates or degree holders who find interest in advancing their career in supply chain management.

The summer school gives students a holistic understanding of a supply chain. The program is a mix of getting information from experienced persons who are really experts in supply chain management and know how to apply the theory and you are getting practical examples to see processes working in real business execution.

The duration of the summer school is 2 weeks.

Meet experts specialised in global supply chains and participate in visits to South African companies.

NB: The summer school will be link to a certificate or advance programme course in supply chain management. The course will be offered in collaboration with a leading university.


Supply chain academic tours enable the participants to discover the tools to align the supply chain core processes for operational excellence and learn how to adopt value as a principle to deliver superior performance. The specific activities shall include:

  • Technical visits
  • High quality academic sessions oriented for executives
  • Networking
  • AISCR course completion certificate.

(Venue and cost per participant to be decided)

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