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The African Institute for Supply Chain Research (AISCR) is a leading Pan-African research institute that seeks to contribute to sustainable economic development and inclusive growth to improve life in Africa through supply chain innovative solutions. At the heart of AISCR is the desire to build SCM and leadership capability to drive supply chain innovation in pursuit of achieving the strategic priorities of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA), Africa Agenda 2063, and the Sustainable Development Goals. AISCR is particularly positioned to play an important role in ensuring that business and supply chain executives are able to develop a broader view, and constructively employ smart and well-researched SCM instruments, locally and internationally, to enhance quality and margin management. Accordingly, AISCR enables the building of competitive institutions so that governments and businesses can responsibly generate the growth Africa desperately needs.

Africa has started to take concrete steps to write its own economic success story by opening up new areas of opportunity under AfCFTA which was implemented on 1 January 2021. AISCR is the ideal partner for government and business leaders to realize the huge potential opportunities on the continent.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

A leading pan-African institute that promotes sustainable economic prosperity, and posterity in Africa through supply chain innovative solutions.

Our Mission

AISCR’s mission is to build and support economic prosperity and posterity in Africa through supply chain research, education, Advisory, and outreach solutions.

Our supply chain solutions are tailored for the government and businesses.

Our mission inspires informs our work, and drives how we partner open-minded organizations and individuals to improve socio-economic development and inclusive growth; skills and capacity building; transparency, accountability, and good governance; trade, regional integration, and infrastructural development as well as health and humanitarian support.


Our Strategic Objectives

Our strategic goal is to put supply chain research, capacity building and advisory in motion. The elevation of SCM owing to its strategic role in organisations and on the continent is critical. Overall, our strategic objectives are as follows;

  • To influence policy decision-making through supply chain research to address the challenges of socio-economic development, skills, accountability, and good governance;
  • To build supply chain capacity through education, training, mentorship, and coaching – contributing to professionalization;
  • To leverage supply chain capabilities to support trade between the United States of America and Africa;
  • To provide solutions and advisory support to supply chain challenges facing supply chain management implementation in organizations; and
  • To create opportunities for networking and outreach programs to enhance the knowledge base of supply chain theories and practice.

Our Value Proposition

We visualises ourselves as supply chain research leaders and are guided by independence, non-discrimination, tolerance of diversity, honesty, integrity, respect, innovation, diligence, and collaboration. We strive to distinguish itself as a non-profit research institute and viewed as authoritative figure on supply chain research in Africa whose work remains non-partisan.

Our core value propositions are:

  • Quality,
  • Integrity,
  • Professionalism and
  • Ethical conducts.

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